What you MUST know about Hidden Site Costs

The costs in building are not as mysterious as some would have you believe. For the uninitiated, they can be a little daunting and difficult to work out. Commonly referred “Hidden Costs”, have taken on the stigma of deadly animal waiting to attack the unsuspecting. Some unscrupulous builders take advantage of these costs to lure in clients with hypnotisingly low quotes, only to reveal the extras when the client commits to the contract or at least paid the tender acceptance fee. Any self-respecting builder will advise clients of known contingencies and approximate costs up front.

You’ll discover, hidden costs are not as mysterious as some would have you believe.

A tender is not a procedure that an honest builder uses to extract money but a tool to accurately estimate the cost of construction. In fact, a builder will often lose money on a tender. Professional builders know that a high percentage of tenders will flow on to full contract. Therefore considered an industry acceptable risk.

The following information will give insight to what these costs are and why they are required.