Should I Go Solar?

Should I go solar and should I install a battery?

Off-grid, on-grid, hybrid AAARRGGHH. This is a dilemma/question everyone asks themselves and we get asked often. All our staff are either currently on solar or are going solar, that I suppose is an answer in itself. As with everything in the building game though, you need to establish your current and expected future electricity usage and do the numbers. What is best for you? What it will boil down to is how much electricity you use and just as importantly, when and do you want to be totally self-reliant, how green do you really want to be?

What will the future hold? Electricity prices have been spiralling upwards for years and is likely to continue. Politicians always assure us they are doing everything to bring prices down but alas, they never do. Will pricing drop? Doubtful in my opinion. Will they stabilize? Possible but based on track records, unlikely.

Based on current pricing, I believe the scenarios I have put forward below will show you the economic value of solar power in any one of its forms. What about the future? Nuclear power? Even in the unlikely event that Australia did go nuclear, prices may stabilise but unlikely reduce. In any case it would be a decade or two before a reactor would be up and running to provide you power and that is if they made the decision today. A solar power system could have paid itself off three to ten times by then. Fusion reactors? Beautiful, clean, cheap energy but when? And again decades before this technology could be implemented. Our only viable green energy solution is solar power.