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Who are we?

Dean Treffiletti is the licensed builder and director of Holder Homes. A 2nd generation builder, Bachelor in Construction Management with 12 years of onsite, hands on experience. Has seen him supervise new builds, sales & sales management and office management. 

A team built with family with decades added in experience. Together building a culture of “for family by family” naturally meeting their clients expectations.

Dean Treffiletti


Eddie Treffiletti


Renato Gavagnin


Belinda Treffiletti

Project Coordinator

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Our Process

The unknown can be intimidating, especially when making your lifetime’s largest investment.

Quality Glazing

We start by asking in-depth questions to fully understand your needs and requirements.


Whether it's a new home, extension, or major renovation, we collaborate on a design that's feasible for you.


After finalizing the design, we calculate the actual construction cost, working closely with you to optimize inclusions and methods.

Tender & Contract

We present a formal tender and contract that clearly outlines costs and inclusions, ensuring full transparency.


We handle all submissions and liaise with authorities to secure construction certificates or development approvals.


You'll be kept informed throughout the construction process, with regular on-site meetings to discuss progress.

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    We make things simple

Frequently Asked Questions

K- Knock, D- Down, R- Rebuild.. The Process of demolishing your existing home and rebuilding your new home.

Depends largely on how your builder structures their tender. Your tender should clearly outline if and when additional costs may incur. A creditable builder will clearly outline and explain this prior to contract signing. 

Builders per standard HIA Contracts, have the right to deny any changes or variations. Its important to find a builder you feel comfortable to approach during construction for ideas you have. They can advise if its doable and feasible depending on what stage of the build your at. 

Generally speaking, our homes take between 6 and 12 months. Being a custom home builder we advise on a job-by-job basis, based on a few key points:

Scope of works- we offer demolition, pools, basements, driveways, landscaping etc depending on what service we are providing will impact the amount of time taken.

Detail of design- more detailed or custom homes will required longer construction times to ensure quality in execution.

Site Conditions- particular sites may be harder to work on due to sloping land, restricted access such as battle-axes, busy streets or main roads.

Our clients come at varying stages, we like to get involved as early as possible!

Depending on whether you have land, completed plans, Development Approval (DA) or Construction Certificate (CC). We can advise based on your needs what might work for you.

Land– If you have land we can arrange a site visit to see what you are working with or, if your looking at buying speak to us to make sure its the right block for you.

Plans- already got plans, we can advise on pricing and give initial price guides prior to committing to a tender, alternatively if you don’t yet have plans we can point you in the right direction with design. We have built great relationships with a number of draftsmen and architects. We can arrange a meeting with them to see who feels right for you.

Approvals- architects and often our client’s have done all the hard yards, designed the house, dealt with council and certifiers for DA, CC or CDC. We can give you a price and discuss when we have constructions slots available for starting your project. Or if you have plans but not engaged council and a certifier then we can take this role on for you.

You may have a design in mind or know exactly what your family needs in your next home.

While looking at purchasing a block of land you must be certain you fit that house or duplex you want. Speaking to a builder who can advise you on if its the right block of land or who the best person to speak to find out is vital prior to committing to the purchase.

Home Owners Warranty Insurance is an insurance issued by the Home Building Compensation Fund (HBCF) in NSW.

Essentially, your Home Owners Warranty covers you or any subsequent owners of your home, for six years, for any incomplete or defective work carried out on your home.

See more information on Home Owners Warranty (NSW)

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